How to Dress in Colorado!

You don't like The weather, wait 30 minutes and it will change!

We want you to have The perfect holiday for all The family to enjoy. But without The right clothing, The perfect holiday can turn into a cold, miserable fiasco. Plus weaTher can vary so much at this altitude (6,000 feet) and a hot spring day can turn into a nasty storm very quickly. Make sure you and your family are prepared for all eventualities to keep your holiday enjoyable and to keep everyone safe. Nobody wants frostbite or hypoThermia.

Here's what to wear:

Layers of clothing are best. They can be added and removed in order to better regulate your body temperature, as weaTher conditions change throughout The day. Extra layers can be stuffed in coat pockets ready for when it gets really cold.

Base layers:

Long underwear, preferably. Polyester or wool/poly blend are perfect for wearing next to your skin. There are some pretty stylish brands nowadays of Thermal pants and long sleeve tops. Then layer on a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt. Then sweater, fleece, or sweatshirt.

Outer layers:

Your jacket should be warm, water resistant and comfortable. Don't buy one that's too tight; you need to make sure you have lots of room to put layers on underneath and have plenty of movement so you can ski your best.


Wear thin wool or poly socks for skiing or snow boarding; thick ones are too bulky, and don’t keep your feet as warm. Smart Wool has a great selection nowadays of warm, but not itchy socks to keep your toes toasty. For extra warmth, put lots of lotion on your feet before you put on your socks. Sound weird I know, but try it.  It works!

Gloves or mittens:

Obviously gloves or mittens are a must. Mittens are warmer if you tend to get cold hands.   Also hand warmers are widely available. Resembling packets of sugar, you shake Them to release The warmth and Then put Them inside your gloves or mittens to keep you warm. Some gloves even have pockets specially made for These hand warmers.